Thursday, October 25, 2007

Megan Davis- Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Question: What are the tree types of dialogue/transactions?

Answer: There are there types of dialogue: equitable transaction, empathetic conversation and real meeting. Equitable transaction is where people are equally able to add to discussions by voicing their perspectives and opinions. Empathetic conversations happen when you are able to put yourself into another person’s shoes and view the world from their point of view. And lastly, real meeting is where there is genuine conversation with little to no influence from the outside world.

Quote: "Miscommunication is the normal state of affairs in human communication . . . miscommunication and unintentional communication are to be expected for they are the norm." (Steven Axley p. 432) 31. 

Significance: In chapter 2, the approach to organizational communication breaks down in to three sections. The second section is transaction process. In this model people engaged in a conversation are both sending and receiving messages, (encoding and decoding). In this model, it is expected that there will be miscommunication. It is further stated that this miscommunication is a benefit to communication in general. It avoids conflict, and generates new ideas. I am not naive enough to believe that miscommunication never happens. Nor am I blind to the fact that the only way we can assume to be understood is through the use of nonverbal cues, but I do believe that when conversing it is the point to understand on another.

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