Thursday, October 25, 2007

Megan Davis- Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Question: What are the three P’s

Answer: The three P’s are: partial, partisan and problematic. Partial is the concept that no matter what point of life you look at a topic, lets say organizational communication for example, the facts we never be current. Because org. com. is such a growing concept, new ideas are being formed everyday, thus always being in a state of evolution. Partisan is where one explains concepts or tells a story in their favor. When you get down to it is just our human nature. We can’t help it! And lastly, problematic is the concept that our understanding of a concept begs more questions than it can answer. This is a good thing however, because it creates a constant state for learning and growing.

Quote: "Satisfying means that people tend to ‘settle for acceptable as opposed to optimal solutions, to attend to problems sequentially rather than simultaneously, and to utilize existing repertoires of action programs rather than develop novel responses for each situation” (Scott, 1981, p. 75. Pg. 80).

Significance: This is defining the key concepts of the Simon’s decision-making model. We want to be rational but we lack knowledge of: consequence, alternatives and criteria. We are stuck in a job/ organization with no way out because we are not given the tools to grow. Thank goodness there are other models out there to define organizational communication.

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